The New Basics


I just received my copy of Graphic Design The New Basics by Lupton and Phillips. It’s a gorgeous book filled with an amazing amount of work/photos. The copy is succinct and easy to comprehend. Some of the chapters I’ve read through so far are Formstorming, Point, Line, Plane, Rhythm and Balance.

Most of these concepts have been covered in my two dimensional design class I took back in the day, but it’s great to have a refresher. The authors do a great job of connecting the concepts to wonderful art movements (such as Bauhaus, which I adore), and they also include a lot of student work as examples.

Some quotes I wanted to remember:

“We must strive for excellence in each part of our design.”

“Do you ever notice your eye getting stuck in a particular place when looking at an unresolved design? This discord usually occurs because the proportion and placement of elements in relation to each other and to the negative space is off– too big, too tight, too flat, misaligned, and so on.”

I’m looking forward to gaining some more insights, and I’ll definitely share along the way.

Author: Miniature Ray


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