Type Study: Trade Gothic


screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-2-58-53-pmI’m researching a few recommended typefaces to see what would fit best with a few upcoming projects. My most recent search was Trade Gothic.

As I was reading through a few different articles, the history was pretty cut and dry. The maker was Jackson Burke in 1948. I wanted to know more about his intentions and any reasoning he may have had behind the typeface, but it was hard to come by. What was presented was how graphic designers have used it and their thoughts towards it.

My favorite quotes about Trade Gothic:

“Trade Gothic does not display as a coherent unifying structure across all members of its family, although this dissonance does adds a bit of earthy naturalism to its appeal.”

“Explaining why he often uses Trade Gothic, designer Tony Leone wrote that Trade Gothic, especially its Bold Condensed weight, ‘is airy in its spacing—especially when set as text—which gives it its pleasing character…it plays well with others—that is, it combines nicely with more extravagant or decadent faces and can serve as a workhorse option with other sans serifs.’”


Author: Miniature Ray


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