Making and Breaking the Grid

I have received my next textbook in the mail for my design curriculum: Making and Breaking the Grid by Timothy Samara. As I’m finishing up my basic studies in Typography (so much still to learn), I keep on feeling like something is missing and I can’t help but think it’s learning about using a grid. So here we are.

Parallel with my design studies, I’ve also been studying the history of architecture. This has been quite interesting to see how our roots as designers are aligned with those of my favorite movements, such as De Stijl and Bauhaus.

Joseph Müller-Brockmann in Grid Systems in Graphic Design: “The grid system implies the will to systematize, to clarify, the will to penetrate to the essentials … the will to cultivate objectivity rather than subjectivity.”









“The benefits of working with a grid are simple: clarity, efficiency, economy, and continuity.” —Timothy Samara, pg. 22.



Author: Miniature Ray


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