Hyphenation, Widows, and Orphans

Today I was working on figuring out the best way to handle widows and orphans in typography layout. I found an easy to understand YouTube video: https://youtu.be/OubBFl_dyLM.

Quick reference:

Orphan: one liner left at the bottom of the page

Widow: one liner left at the top of the page

Single word below a paragraph is not technically a widow or an orphan, but is regarded as ugly and messy, so avoid it!

The last thumbnail is my personal work to help me put these concepts into practice. It’s always a good reminder to set character and paragraph styles, especially when dealing with large amounts of text, such as in this novel I’ve been writing. It was definitely a good reminder, because once I started implementing the instructions from the video, I was kicking myself that I hadn’t already set up the basic “header, subhead, body, footer.”

Always learning and re-learning. ;-P

Author: Miniature Ray


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