Carlo Scarpa

Architecture has been a constant in my design studies, and I love how much influence architecture and graphic design have on each other. In an architecture class, I have recently learned about Carlo Scarpa. I illustrated a piece in response to seeing his intersecting circles in a cemetery chapel he designed (you can find it on my Instagram).

Something that is important to me while studying design, is seeing its roots and history. It isn’t just based on modernism from the early 20th century. We have to see the connection to people and cultures way before that.

I’ve been in architecture classes where they make no connections from modern design (Corbusier, Wright, Rietveld, Mies, etc.) to Japan, and I can’t believe it because it has to be so obvious, right? Simplicity, essentialism, geometry, nature inclusion, sliding doors, moveable walls, etc., etc.

And then, I fall upon this quote and it made me so happy. I already loved Scarpa. And now I love him even more.

“In an interview only a month before his final journey to the country [Japan] in 1978, Scarpa said, ‘Yes, I am very much influenced by Japan, and not just because I visited it, but because even before I went there, I admired their essentiality and above all their supreme good taste. What we call good taste is present everywhere in Japan.’”
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Author: Miniature Ray


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