Editorial Inspiration


For design critique this week, I found this little gem. The full magazine is worth checking out. They pair a lot of different typefaces that flow perfectly with the overall style of the magazine. The color palette, typefaces, art/illustrations, and overall art direction is very unified despite the variety.

The screen shot above is a spread that stuck out to me. I’ve been on a constant search for good ways of doing timelines. Displaying a lot of information that has a logical flow can be a bit overwhelming. In this example, I like how they label each box 1–11, as well as alternating colors. The color isn’t too busy, since the peach blends in with the background of the spread. I thought it was interesting how they dealt with the box that had a lot of information, by spreading it across two columns.

I also really like how they styled their running elements in the footer.

Author: Miniature Ray


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