Forced, a political poster.



As promised, here is the finished version of the political poster I’ve been working on. I was happy with it, but also frustrated. The real inspiration ended up coming after I finished this up, to keep up with doing more posters, to be more bold in my approach to design and life in general. Although in this particular poster, I don’t feel like the design is completely resolved, in that I would want it to draw more of an emotional reaction than it does. Again, it will be something to keep working on, to refine my voice, and be more comfortable with addressing the uncomfortable (especially as one who wants to see change).

I chose the main typeface Greycliff because I wanted something that had many weights, and could communicate a message clearly in a modern way, while still having roots in editorial type. Some of the history of it was that it was designed to imitate typefaces from the 40s, like for newspaper headlines. For this project, I was initially very inspired by old newspapers, especially those about the Japanese relocation after Pearl Harbor. I was able to find some cool inspiration for typefaces through

For the research of this project I sourced many, many first-person interviews, as well as newspapers. If you would like to dive into more of these very thought-provoking and challenging interviews, please do →

The links I include in the poster are very educational, and helpful for those who may be struggling with discrimination. If you are not personally facing these issues, but still want to help, I also included a link to take action.  → Know your rights  → Take action

Download a free, full-size poster PDF → forced-political-poster-2017


Greycliff CF (found on CreativeMarket)

Arnhem (found on OurType)




Author: Miniature Ray


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