International Women’s Day



Wanting to quickly turn out a poster that reflects a current event, I made this poster to commemorate International Women’s Day, March 8, 2017. Initially, I posted just the red watercolor swatch on Instagram with the quote written for the description in the post.

I have always been an advocate of women’s rights, especially equality in education, the workplace, and personal relationships. There is way more to this topic than I will talk about here today, but I think the simple design is powerful.

I mixed a fuschia dark pink with a red (close to CMYK red). I used bold and confident brush strokes to outline the shape. I wanted it to have a natural merging/blending of the shades of red to indicate that all women are unique and that we come together with many different backgrounds. Our diversity brings intelligence, joy, beauty, hard work, and ingenuity to this world (and way more!). The loose ends of the open strokes towards the top, as well as the splatters of red remind me that no human is perfect. In our march towards equality, we have to remember that about ourselves, as well as those around us and in our community.

One of my most favorite things for this project was using typefaces that were created by women. I found this curation of typefaces designed by women, and navigated to the option “Text Font.” →

I already had a few of these typefaces, and was excited to learn this new fact about them. The typefaces I ended up going with were both created by the same designers, Veronica Burian and José Scallion.

My aside on this is that even without knowing the typographers sex, these typefaces are dynamic and damn solid. Being a creator is just that. It is having the gift and doing it. The problem lies in where women creators are not spoken of (even mentioned, or given credit) as men creators are, historically and today. Although we are making huge strides! I notice this in fine art, architecture, music, typography, etc. Hopefully that makes sense, but for now, I digress.


Abril (found on Type-Together)

Adelle Sans (found on Typekit)

Download a free, full-size poster PDF → womens-day-poster-2017

Author: Miniature Ray


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